Monitoring IoT Devices For Overhead MV lines

Medium Voltage (MV) IoT  Monitoring devices

Increasing Power Distribution Network Visibility

Improve Operational Efficiency

● Find and resolve faults in the network quicker
● Reduce inbound call handling
● Simple installation process and procedure
● Digital audit Trail of faults

Lower Costs

● Reduce the chance of SLA breaches that may result in fines
● Reduce the manpower and equipment cost associated with
installation of monitoring solutions

Enhance Customer Experience

● Reduce the impact of network faults on customers through
proactive fault identification
● Reduce the duration of outages, while providing transparency on
resolution stages

Reduce SAIDI

● Reduce System Average Interruption Duration Index with immediate notification of where the fault has occured 

SIGFLITE - Communicating Fault Passage Indicator (FPI)

SIGFLITE  Is a Communicating Fault Passage Indicator (FPI).

Sigflite will send immediate notification to the Power Utilities control room on any outages on the overhead distribution network , including the most important ones :-

  1. Permanent Fault
  2. Transient Fault

The precise location of the fault, which feed the fault was on and the exact time stamp of when the fault occurred.

SigFlite sends a daily heartbeat message with the units battery voltage – so the control have complete visibility on any FPIs which have gone into fault or stopped communicating

The real differentiation of this product is that the wireless sensor is fitted within the Flite 110-SA  and doesn’t require any peripheral devices to be installed to enable the connectivity.  This has an impact both on cost and effort to deploy.  The alternative products in the market typically require an additional wireless gateway to be installed on the pole alongside the FPI which requires additional manpower and installation time.

Available in LoRaWAN and SIGFOX Comms

Battery life 10 years


Completed Projects

DropFox - Fuse CutOut Monitoring Device

This IoT device attaches to a Fuse Cutout out to monitor its’ status.

DropFox connects to a Fuse Cutout (DDO) with a standard lines man shotgun stick or from the ground with a standard telescopic hot stick and the DropFox adaptor unit.

This saves time, project management – no outages and no need for bucket lifts.

The device sends a daily heartbeat of its health and status and if the fuse does blow will send a message to the control room within 5 secs of the outage.

The unit is completely sealed and has a 10 – 12 year battery life.

Available in LoRaWAN and SIGFOX Comms.


Completed Projects

PLatform (Optional)

Monitoring Platform Available or plug directly into SCADA

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